Nathan Henshaw 2012

Nathan Henshaw is one the best bodyboard photog’s in Newcastle

In recent times NH and Michael Jones are the only local lads to have photo’s published in print on a regular basis. (click on Michael to see his site)

Movement, Riptide and Le Boogie all loving their work.

This is a link to Nathan’s work for 2012

Nathan’s word on the 2012 album…..

“Some of my favourite shots from this year still a mega rookie but learning slowly..”

Modest words for a guy who got a couple of double page shots in the latest Riptide .

Check his gear.

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2 thoughts on “Nathan Henshaw 2012

  1. Hi Guys,
    I’ve just created the first specialised Bodyboard News App for iPhone, iPad and iPod (Bodyboard Pro), where your blog is featured 😉
    I tried to find a contact email address on your blog but couldn’t find it, so I’m contacting you here.

    I’d like to give you 2 promotional codes so you can test the app for free, how can I reach you (email).


  2. Brett K says:

    I love your blog! sometimes i find myself getting bored and thinking about bodyboarding – but I don’t have the time to get out in the water. This is the perfect thing for satisfying the urge to bodyboard.

    Sick pictures, Nathan shreds pretty hard!

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