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Sorry it’s not Sunday but ….

I know its not Sunday.


This page has been brought to our attention.

Naked Selfies

The page gets its kicks with naked pics.

Apparently they get Facebook bans and pics get remove by Facebook too.

If your quick you may see something interesting there right now.

If you don’t like it , don’t look at the page , right ??

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Today is Sunday .

We have some lessons in flexibility and fitness.

They are key ingredients in being a good bodyboarder.

So we thought LIKE A BOSS could should you how its done…..

Stretching is important 

Flexibility is key

You need balance too

Stay strong

Focus good positioning on your board

Thirsty now ?????

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F#CKIN’ Friday clips

IT’s almost the weekend .

You keen for waves?  (hell yeah)

Keen to have a brew with ya mates?  (so keen)

Got your Dad a present for Father’s day ?  (ah shit forgot!?)

WELL   ,  here’s a clip or 2 to make the Friday arvo slide into the weekend a little faster…….

Think you’ve been barreled ? 

Check this Tahiti clip , these guys are getting barreled for real.

Some crazy talk show SH#T right here.

If you know what they’re talking about fill us in ??

Nudity is enjoyed in any language  (if the chick has a rig like that!)

SET UP or what ?

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Its been a BIG week at SOLID Bodyboard Shop , we got a shitload of new season 2013 boards from Nomad , Funkshen and Custom X.

Also heaps of new colours in Limited Edition fins and leashes.

The SUPER SALE continues with 40% off ALL Steamers , 2 x T-shirts = $30 , Hoody’s $50 and heaps of boards on sale (20% to 40% off)

  But it’s the end of another week so you know what that means…..

Sexy Sweet Ladies has a photo album that will hypnotize you .

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Its SEXY SUNDAY again and to celebrate

SOLID Bodyboard Shop has started a HUGE steamer sale

40% OFF all remaining steamers in stock.

Here’s another facebook page your gonna LIKE

Models in Bikini

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Sexy Sunday

SEXY Sunday

Here’s a page any red blooded male should enjoy ……

Tripas Corazon y Bofe is a Facebook page you may like

The page title “tripas corazon y” is spanish and translate to “heart and guts” ……

Strange title to the page but nice curves found here.

A bodyboarder that will remain nameless put us on to it.



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