Sorry it’s not Sunday but ….

I know its not Sunday.


This page has been brought to our attention.

Naked Selfies

The page gets its kicks with naked pics.

Apparently they get Facebook bans and pics get remove by Facebook too.

If your quick you may see something interesting there right now.

If you don’t like it , don’t look at the page , right ??

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VIVA LA Mexico ….. How much do you wanna go to Mexico ? ?

This is another killer Mexico clip .

Josh Garner is ripping , tearing n shredding this shit.

Solid punts and pits.

Paul Blaz told us this clip is only a small part of the footage from the trip.

Apparently there was around half hour of Josh killing it , now cut down to make a shortened version , for you to enjoy.


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Nick Gornall clips

Here’s 2 clips of Nick .

1#  Seeing Stars.

Shot over a two-month period by Tyge Landa, the clip is based out of the South Coast of NSW.

The area Gornall moved to from Queensland’s Gold Coast in April of 2012.

2#  Yamba.

Taking some drops at Yamba.

He’s on the up and up , boosting big in comps and in his free surfing.

New board model out with Stealth , available early October.

Nick G board colours , order your favourite combo in from Solid Bodyboard Shop

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Churchills in stock

Far right …….

Far right ??
Yep , SOLID got a special shipment today

Churchills $75 and HUBB churchills $85
Not many available so be quick !

a few in stock but be quick


Black Hubb Churchills come with padded heel saver PLUS fin saver strings … $85

Black churchills – HUBB style

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Two Routes clip

Its been around for a month , but you haven’t seen it.

Under the radar .

Really good clip , heaps of boosting

Some well known names and some you may not know yet.

It’s sharp this one , check it out , you’ll enjoy

Another of Javier Fleitas clips is the TURBO South America clip.

Javier knows how to put a quality edit together !

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Today is Sunday .

We have some lessons in flexibility and fitness.

They are key ingredients in being a good bodyboarder.

So we thought LIKE A BOSS could should you how its done…..

Stretching is important 

Flexibility is key

You need balance too

Stay strong

Focus good positioning on your board

Thirsty now ?????

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PLC in contention for 2nd World Title !

Pierre-Louis Costes has been catapulted up the rankings, putting him into contention for a second world title

PLC (FRA) has taken out the IBA 2012 Sintra Portugal Pro, defeating South Africa’s Jared Houston in a nail-biting final. PLC opened up his account with a 6.63 out of a possible 10 points for a backflip on his first wave and backed it up with a 6.18 to fend off the South African. Although Houston was slow to start, he managed to lock in a 7.00 point ride, the highest wave score of the final, committing to a lofty backflip on a set wave, but was unable to post anything higher than a 5.55 for the remainder of the final, 0.26 short of the required score.

PLC in running for 2nd Title


Here’s the final for your view pleasure.

The next Mens GSS event will be held at Puerto Escondido/Zicatela from September 27 to October 6.

The current ratings after the Portugal Pro.


Winny in the lead , BP , Rawlins and Lester still in there repping for us Aussies


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