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ROAM FRE3 – World Premiere on FRIDAY 30th

Check this OUT !!!

This link will take you to the site hosting the online Premiere of ROAM FRE3

ROAM FREƎ is an epic project that will follow the lives of the world’s best free surfing bodyboarders as they experience the highs, lows, and adventure of surf exploration.The film will follow the lifestyle of riders who dedicate their lives to researching surf locations, forecasting swells and then travel beyond the borders of their home town, state, and country in their quest to surf perfect waves.Some of the amazing riders involved in ROAM FREƎ include Chris James, Damien Martin, Cade Sharp, Matt Lackey, Chase O’Leary, Ewan Donnachie, Alex Halsey, Dylan Lee, Matt Young, and Chris Wilson, along with many others.

A slab from ROAM FRE3



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Ewan Donnachie – Nathan Henshaw clip

Lens-man Nathan Henshaw brings you this clip.

“It’s a day with Ewan Donnachie a while back, couldnt show this until now as the footage was in his and Lucas Vazquez‘ film ” 6 MONTHS””


Ewan’s Custom X board is available at SOLID now

D12 PP is only $240

PP + surlyn slick $365

You know you’d love one !

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Churchills in stock

Far right …….

Far right ??
Yep , SOLID got a special shipment today

Churchills $75 and HUBB churchills $85
Not many available so be quick !

a few in stock but be quick


Black Hubb Churchills come with padded heel saver PLUS fin saver strings … $85

Black churchills – HUBB style

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