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Ewan Donnachie – Nathan Henshaw clip

Lens-man Nathan Henshaw brings you this clip.

“It’s a day with Ewan Donnachie a while back, couldnt show this until now as the footage was in his and Lucas Vazquez‘ film ” 6 MONTHS””


Ewan’s Custom X board is available at SOLID now

D12 PP is only $240

PP + surlyn slick $365

You know you’d love one !

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VIVA LA Mexico ….. How much do you wanna go to Mexico ? ?

This is another killer Mexico clip .

Josh Garner is ripping , tearing n shredding this shit.

Solid punts and pits.

Paul Blaz told us this clip is only a small part of the footage from the trip.

Apparently there was around half hour of Josh killing it , now cut down to make a shortened version , for you to enjoy.


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Nick Gornall clips

Here’s 2 clips of Nick .

1#  Seeing Stars.

Shot over a two-month period by Tyge Landa, the clip is based out of the South Coast of NSW.

The area Gornall moved to from Queensland’s Gold Coast in April of 2012.

2#  Yamba.

Taking some drops at Yamba.

He’s on the up and up , boosting big in comps and in his free surfing.

New board model out with Stealth , available early October.

Nick G board colours , order your favourite combo in from Solid Bodyboard Shop

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F#CKIN’ Friday clips

IT’s almost the weekend .

You keen for waves?  (hell yeah)

Keen to have a brew with ya mates?  (so keen)

Got your Dad a present for Father’s day ?  (ah shit forgot!?)

WELL   ,  here’s a clip or 2 to make the Friday arvo slide into the weekend a little faster…….

Think you’ve been barreled ? 

Check this Tahiti clip , these guys are getting barreled for real.

Some crazy talk show SH#T right here.

If you know what they’re talking about fill us in ??

Nudity is enjoyed in any language  (if the chick has a rig like that!)

SET UP or what ?

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Its been a BIG week at SOLID Bodyboard Shop , we got a shitload of new season 2013 boards from Nomad , Funkshen and Custom X.

Also heaps of new colours in Limited Edition fins and leashes.

The SUPER SALE continues with 40% off ALL Steamers , 2 x T-shirts = $30 , Hoody’s $50 and heaps of boards on sale (20% to 40% off)

  But it’s the end of another week so you know what that means…..

Sexy Sweet Ladies has a photo album that will hypnotize you .

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Its SEXY SUNDAY again and to celebrate

SOLID Bodyboard Shop has started a HUGE steamer sale

40% OFF all remaining steamers in stock.

Here’s another facebook page your gonna LIKE

Models in Bikini

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