ROAM FRE3 – World Premiere on FRIDAY 30th

Check this OUT !!!

This link will take you to the site hosting the online Premiere of ROAM FRE3

ROAM FREƎ is an epic project that will follow the lives of the world’s best free surfing bodyboarders as they experience the highs, lows, and adventure of surf exploration.The film will follow the lifestyle of riders who dedicate their lives to researching surf locations, forecasting swells and then travel beyond the borders of their home town, state, and country in their quest to surf perfect waves.Some of the amazing riders involved in ROAM FREƎ include Chris James, Damien Martin, Cade Sharp, Matt Lackey, Chase O’Leary, Ewan Donnachie, Alex Halsey, Dylan Lee, Matt Young, and Chris Wilson, along with many others.

A slab from ROAM FRE3

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Check out this clip !!!

Elliot Morales 2012 Highlights

Who is Elliot ?

He was featured in VIKING 2 , rides for TURBO and has made a big impression at his home breaks in the Canary Islands, namely the infamous El Fronton.

This guy can boost and goes BIG!

Check the skills

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Nathan Henshaw 2012

Nathan Henshaw is one the best bodyboard photog’s in Newcastle

In recent times NH and Michael Jones are the only local lads to have photo’s published in print on a regular basis. (click on Michael to see his site)

Movement, Riptide and Le Boogie all loving their work.

This is a link to Nathan’s work for 2012

Nathan’s word on the 2012 album…..

“Some of my favourite shots from this year still a mega rookie but learning slowly..”

Modest words for a guy who got a couple of double page shots in the latest Riptide .

Check his gear.

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Ewan Donnachie – Nathan Henshaw clip

Lens-man Nathan Henshaw brings you this clip.

“It’s a day with Ewan Donnachie a while back, couldnt show this until now as the footage was in his and Lucas Vazquez‘ film ” 6 MONTHS””


Ewan’s Custom X board is available at SOLID now

D12 PP is only $240

PP + surlyn slick $365

You know you’d love one !

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Pursuit of Excellence clip

This is a Glen Thurston clip , you may not have seen it , you should .

Some words from Glen…

“Rarely do you pursue something long enough to be able to help change things for the better, and if you can, why not do that with everything you have, and then a bit more.

The Pursuit of Excellence is just that, pursuing a higher level in all areas of film making, bodyboarding and life. We haven’t arrived there yet but as a team we have a clear goal in sight; that is “excellence”.”

Also check out Glen’s website , he has some really good info about training for bodyboarding.


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Jeff Hubb wins Zicatela Pro MEXICO

 Hawaiian Jeff Hubbard has won the IBA TURBO ZICATELA PRO 2012 in flawless 6 foot surf at Puerto Escondido. Hubbard defeated 6x World Champion Guilherme Tamega (BRA) with a high flying air roll and deep barrels in the final to claim his second Zicatela Pro title.

Hubb heading to victory in 2012 Zicatela Pro

Hubb also won this event last year , his aerial antics seem to suit the punchy waves of Puerto.

Watch the highlights of last year 2011 Final here.

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New JOKER podcast – thanks Damian King.

Kingy has a new podcast.

Funny shit and killer bodyboarding .

All good.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This signature model of 2 x World Bodyboard Champion Damian King is the same shape as the boards that Damian rides himself.

check em

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